Thursday, November 17, 2016

Competitive Cheer .vs. Sideline Cheer

Competitive Cheer.vs. Sideline Cheer
 Have you ever been to a football game and seen the cheerleaders, or have you been to a cheer competition? You’re probably thinking it’s the same thing, but they aren’t. I’m here to prove to you that although, you may think they are the same competitive is better.

         Sideline cheer and Competitive have a couple similarities such as,  they both use bows and uniforms to show pride for a team or place. They require a outgoing spirit and you can’t be a shy person. You must get along well with others. They both might wear some makeup maybe one more than the other. They do stunts and they tumble as well.

            They also have many differences though, such as competitive has harder stunts and harder tumbling skills. For the most part in sideline you stand in the same place ,and you may have a little bit of movement but its not constant. Competitive is constant moving.Competitive is a 2:30 routine non-stop.That means you must be in shape,and can´t get tired easily. Competitive is injury prone many people will get hurt. Sideline is not physically demanding,and competitive cheer requires a lot of training, because you can get hurt badly if something isn’t done right. I have seen someone get paralyzed at a competition.

              In the end,  competitive cheer is way better, and it is a real sport. The most injured sport in 2015 was cheer.People pour their hearts and souls in to this sport. Many will dedicate their lives to this sport. It will not be degraded by some girls who have a 30 minute practice to stand on the sideline. My point is that although, they are called the same thing they are not. Competitive will never be replaced.

Friday, October 7, 2016

About ME!

So right now I am in English class!! 
Some people are testing,but I am on my blog         Here is a little bit about my Favorite Stuff
  Color- Teal
  Food-  Cheeto Puffs
  Season- Fall
  Birthday- October 22
  Snap Filter- Yellow Flower Goddess
  Song-    Broccoli 
  Number- 13
  College- BAYLOR!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Six Word Memoirs


                        2016 D2 Summit

When I went to the D2 Summit in Florida with my Competitive Cheer Team!!!

TShirt,Family,Shooters,Experience,Primetime,Nationals !!!!

                    2016 Primetime Nationals
When I went to Primetime Nationals with my Basketball Team the Texas United Shooters!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


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